Your assignment is to write a story about cyber bullying.  The story may be either one     that you make up or one that is based on your own personal experience. 
    Below are the storytelling tools that are available for you to complete the  assignment.

Pixton is an online comic making tool. Users can choose from many different characters, background scenes, and objects to create their very own online comic strip. Once done, users can embed their comic in a blog, wiki or website which they can then share with others. 

To get a better idea about what Pixton can do, click here to visit the official Pixton website.  Watch the following YouTube on how to create a comic in Pixton.  Here is my link to PixtonYou will see a white square, click that for audio.

Here is the official site for Voice Thread.

Voice Thread is a web 2.0 tool web-based application that allows users to create stories using audio, video, images and text.

Of course, you can always write your story using a journal that can be written with a word processor.

You may create a YouTube Video
Cyber bullying YouTube