Select TWO of the following choices:
1.  View the following two videos and one article:
Cyberbullying  Click "Cyber Aware - Vancouver Film School"
MSN article
a.  Describe the risk.
b.  In each case, who is to blame?
c.  In ceach case, what prior knowledge, understanding or skills did the participants lack?
d.  How can parents/teachers/friends help young people make wise choices?
2.  Create a poster that includes words, pictures, symbols, help lines for BC students.  Add relevant Canadian websites that effectively educates about Cyber Safety (its importance, laws/policies, how to avoid risks, etc)
3.  Write a poem about cyber bullying.  It can be written from the perspective of the bully (later on), the victim or an observer. 

demonstrates understanding of the risks
demonstrates awareness of key messages
demonstrates sound judgement on a social network
demonstrates completion, accuracy and effort